“As a practitioner in the Functional Medicine field, my job is assisting people’s health, and not handling the start-up and daily management of my business. I was thrilled to bring Sophia on board as an online business manager and help me with the day-to-day aspects of running and operating a small business. Sophia has assisted me greatly for the last ten months in a role I like to call office manager. She treats my business as her personal and professional interest and has advised me on how to set up and operate my new business, so it runs smoothly in all areas. 

Sophia handles all behind-the-scenes aspects of my business. I entrust her will all the financial tasks from bookkeeping (Quickbooks) to integrating my booking and payment database on the website, and creating multiple online stores. She works with my suppliers and laboratories to set up accounts and integrate them where needed. 

From a client retention side, Sophia designs and sends my newsletters and other mass emails and schedules my social media posts with great care and creativity. She keeps me alert with anything needed on the business side of things and has been invaluable in computer and organizational skills. 

Sophia is always punctual to our in-person meetings, responds quickly (even on weekends) to any text or email. What can I say, Sophia keeps me in line, and I am grateful for her services. I truly do not know how I would have managed starting my own business without her heartfelt support and advice.”

– Paige Ryan A.C.N HHP | Hill Country Intentional Healing | Strategic Planning + System Implementation + Website Design + Website Maintenance

“I initially reached out to The Virtual Pixie to help me design a website. It hadn’t even occurred to me about all the other business and branding pieces I would need to consider for my new venture. Sophia handled all the moving parts with such fluidity that it seemed like one seamless flowing project, accomplishing everything I needed to ‘open my doors’…from website design and hosting to a new digital business phone that could integrate with my current phone to merchant banking, appointment scheduling, invoices and receipts, DBAs and bank accounts. She is fast, but thorough, creative, knowledgeable, available and patient. Very, very patient. And yet…she kept me on task so that I could easily see the light at the end of the tunnel and get excited. I started out needing a website, but I ended with everything I needed in place to start immediately. I am grateful for her advice, her resources, and her creative genius.”

– Jille Dorler | Pathways and Pursuits | Branding + Web Design

“Sophia will go the extra mile, and in the timeliest of fashions to get the job done, and done well! She is tenacious, fast, quick to respond, and genuinely interested in her client’s goals and needs. She wants to please her clients more than anything and takes suggestions and changes readily. I highly recommend her services to anyone. You can trust that your project will get done.”

– Fr. Vasileios Flegas | Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church | Website Design + Website Maintenance

“I reached out to Sophia at The Virtual Pixie with a very time sensitive matter. Sophia immediately dove in and not only did a fantastic job, but also kept me in the loop during the entire process. She went above and beyond to find a printing option that would print my marketing pieces in the exact dimensions, which was not an easy task. She was extremely affordable and brought elements to the piece that really made it pop! I would highly recommend “The Virtual Pixie” for her swiftness, professionalism, understanding what will resonate with my clients and her affordability. In the past, other companies would take 10 times as long to deliver the same type of piece. Sophia was able to knock the entire process in less than 3 days. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her on your next marketing item your company needs!“

– Rob Jones | Mudcat Restoration | Graphic Design

“We have employed the services of The Virtual Pixie and found Sophia to be superbly talented and spot-on in being the missing piece in our puzzle. It’s not an exaggeration on my part to proclaim that she is one of the best yet. Using Sophia has been an eye-opener to a whole new world of creatively designed marketing material. Many thanks for your hard work.”

– John S. | Capitol Ribbon | Branding + Web Design