strategic business intensive

clarifying the steps and actions YOU need to reach your aligned vision and goals

It’s ok. It won’t always be this way!

what if partnering with me left you with…

imagine what life will be like to…

  • Have a plan that ultimately supports your business but also aligns with your vision, which will transform your relationship with time, money, and aligned purpose.
  • Know exactly what to work on every day, and see yourself checking off the things moving you closer to your big goals.
  • Be more efficient at work because you know the exact support you need to fulfill your goals and make smart and strategic hires.
  • Have actionable steps for your team to fulfill your vision and business goals, allowing you to step away for a vacation without your laptop in tow.

The Strategic Business Intensive Includes:

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values (MVV) Workbook

This workbook will help you get clear on your mission, vision, and core values. It will walk you through how to develop (or review) your business statements which should represent what you do and whom you serve, how you see yourself and your future, and what’s most important to you.

The Strategic Business Intensive – Part 1

During this 2 hour call, I will be using the Strategic Mapping Model™. We will have an honest, in-depth discussion about your MVV and go over your business’s 7 strategic objectives or pillars.

The Strategic Business Intensive – Part 2

During this 1 hour call, we will break down all the needed tasks to fulfill your vision. Then, together we will prioritize them and assign them to the upcoming quarters. 

Your Business Blueprint

You’ll receive your custom plan that feels aligned to your mission & vision which will ensure you’re moving forward in your business. This includes an actionable quarterly plan and a high-level overview of the upcoming 12 months.

Check-in & Accountability

Mapping out a plan is only a small part of the road to success, and strategizing is useless unless you put it into action. Information alone doesn’t motivate transformation. That is why you’ll receive a high level of strong accountability for 30 days to follow through on your action items which will help you fulfill your vision. 

30 Days of Support

While you’re implementing your new plan, I’ll be here to support you for 30 days via email if any questions come up.

Lifetime Recording Access

If you ever need to reference the material again, you will have lifetime access to the recordings (if downloaded). The calls will be available to download for 30 days only. After 30 days, the recordings get deleted for your privacy and protection.


i finally have clear, actionable steps to reach my goals.

“Not having a clear direction or plan and just sitting in the brainstorming stage has slowed me down. I have not been able to pivot my business nor move forward because I have been stuck, not knowing what to do next. I needed to set aside time in my calendar to make this happen, but I never did. Hiring Sophia made me sit and focus on my business.

After attending the Strategic Business Intensive with Sophia, I now have clarity and direction for my business. I have clear, actionable steps that I need to take to reach my goals. The actionable steps are prioritized, so I know exactly how to move forward without feeling overwhelmed.

If you feel like you do not know what to do next and are not sure the direction you need to go with your business, book a Strategic Business Intensive with Sophia. You will not regret it! It gave me so much clarity, and I now have a plan moving forward. Definitely, time well spent!!”
– Donna Dube

The Strategic Business Intensive

is a 2-part intensive to gain clarity, direction, and a plan that aligns with your vision, mission, and business goals.

what’s included
  • Mission, Vision, and Core Values Workbook
  • 2 part Strategic Planning Intensive (3 hours)
  • Your Business Blueprint
  • Check-in & Accountability
  • 30 Days of Email Support 
  • Lifetime Access to the Recordings 


The Strategic Mapping Model™ is a licensed framework that you will have exclusive access to for your business. It will take your vision and give you clarity, direction, and a plan that aligns with your vision, mission, and business goals.

This Intensive is for women in the coaching industry who are ready to move forward with confidence and clarity towards their aligned vision and goals.

If you are a visionary CEO with big ideas, but don’t quite know how to get there, this is for you.

If you’re open to learning, partnering with someone for strategy, and ready to do the work it takes, this is for you.

Absolutely! Together we take a look at your current systems, audit them, and determine what needs to shift. We prioritize these changes based on need and the immediate business impact they have.

Typically, as a visionary CEO, you have many ideas and goals for your business, which makes it extremely difficult to focus on what’s most important in your business right now. So while you think you can do this on your own, having a strategic partner talk you through the process with you is extremely helpful.