concierge package

transforming your relationship with your business, time, money, and aligned purpose
by restructuring your business so it aligns with your business goals and personal vision.

do you…

have big ideas and want to grow your business, but you’re stuck in the daily operations, and there is no time for growth?

want to spend more days ‘off’ than ‘on,’ but find you are doing ‘all the things’ and have no time for yourself?

manage your team, the details, and the tasks but are so drained, leaving no room to dedicate energy to what’s most important to you?

work so hard yet, at the end of the day, you don’t even know what you accomplished? You have a clear vision of what you want but need help on how to get there.

spend time with your family but are distracted? Therefore no one gets the best of you?

this pace is unsustainable which isn’t allowing your business to move forward.

what if partnering with me gave you the freedom to…


step away from the daily operations.


have more time in your schedule to focus your energy on serving your clients.


fully unplug from your business and focus on yourself and your family.


redefine and reconstruct your business to fulfill your vision.


transform your relationship with time, money, and aligned purpose.


trust, reliability and sustainability are what sophia has brought to the table.

“When I set out to hire for this position, I realized I needed a magical unicorn to fit a very unique role and tasks. I needed someone who could create, maintain and update systems as my business grew. I needed to find someone with a high level of attention to detail and the willingness to work with my business that is unique in every way – from our day-to-day schedule to program structure and in-person events. I was looking for someone who was experienced, who could step right in and take the reins.

I had gone through so many people that I was worried I might never find what I was looking for. I even tried training my previous team to have these qualities. Having mismatched support brought me a sense of worry when it came to day-to-day operations. I felt like I couldn’t fully let go and focus on what I needed because my energy was constantly leaking to pick up the pieces of the mismatched team members of the past. I later realized a lot of what I was looking for was intrinsic.

Trust, reliability and sustainability are what Sophia has brought to the table. I can sleep at night knowing that as the business goes through changes and up-levels, Sophia will be there to modify and strengthen the foundation to sustain our growth.

Sophia is a magical unicorn. She shows up 110% to all that she does. Support is her middle name and always goes above and beyond. Having worked with her every day for almost two years now, she is excellent at adapting and evolving. She stays at the top of her game in her role. Sophia is the woman you want on your team for the long haul.”
– Jessica Procini | Escape From Emotional Eating | Concierge Package

let’s get you focused on the work you love.

I’m Sophia and I love helping Coaches get organized behind the scenes so they live a life where their business flourishes within the lifestyle they’ve envisioned for themselves. 

With an emphasis on intuitive planning, strategy integration, and optimization of business operations, I help establish a strong, durable foundation that allows for sustainable growth. 

As a result, you’ll not only redefine and reconstruct your business, but all aspects of your life transform, including your relationship with time, money, and aligned purpose.

The Concierge Package Includes:

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values (MVV) Workbook

This workbook will help you get clear on your mission, vision, and core values. It will walk you through how to develop (or review) your business statements which should represent what you do and whom you serve, how you see yourself and your future, and what’s most important to you.

The Strategic Business Intensive – Part 1

During this 2 hour call, I will be using the Strategic Mapping Model™. We will have an honest, in-depth discussion about your MVV and go over your business’s 7 strategic objectives or pillars.

The Strategic Business Intensive – Part 2

During this 1 hour call, we will break down all the needed tasks to fulfill your vision. Then, together we will prioritize them and assign them to the upcoming quarters. 

Your Business Blueprint

You’ll receive your custom plan that feels aligned to your mission & vision which will ensure you’re moving forward in your business. This includes an actionable quarterly plan and a high-level overview of the upcoming 12 months.


Now that we have clarified the steps and actions we need to reach your aligned vision and goals, it’s time to implement them. While I manage and guide your assistant through the implementation process, I assess what needs polishing, where we can condense systems, and what new processes need implementation. With ongoing communication, you’ll know exactly what is happening behind the scenes. 

Tracking Performance

It’s important to measure how effectively your business is performing against your 7 business objectives to ensure we are steadily building towards your bigger goal. So, based on our Strategic Planning Session and our 12-month plan, I will create a dashboard to track weekly and monthly metrics.

Intuitive Marketing

Every business is unique, and as an intuitive coach, it is essential for you to have an online presence that aligns with your business and your goals. With my graphic and web design skills and SEO knowledge, I provide support to help attract your ideal client.

Web Maintenance and SEO Updates

As an online business, your website is your company’s primary business card. Therefore, your website should align with your mission and appeal to and attract your ideal clients. In addition, optimizing your website with Search Engine Optimization will help increase your visibility. 

Graphic Design

Together we can turn your ideas and concepts into reality in the form of high-quality graphics, from infographics for social media to on-brand handouts and guides. The intention is to design from a place of purpose and in service to others.

Centralized Storage Database

A centralized storage database aims to keep all documents, resources, content, ideas, and more in one place. A centralized database makes a business more efficient and helps improve team communication. This database needs to be easy to access by all team members and kept extremely organized and up to date. As part of our work together, I either create you a new database or revamp your existing one to make sure it remains organized, up-to-date, and includes all the information each team member needs. 

Ongoing Assessment and Strategy

Once we have spent time in the depths of your business, you’ll be able to focus on your clients. At the same time, I work behind the scenes reviewing the core foundations of your business, strategizing for new projects, and providing written Standard Operation Procedures, which all lay the foundation for future growth.

Team Meetings

We’ll have weekly progress calls and monthly team meetings where we connect to stay aligned to the business’s mission and discuss details of upcoming projects, which will keep us moving closer to fulfilling your vision and goals. 

Execution and Efficiency

As a master of efficiency, I want to ensure your business reaches its full potential and no tasks slip through the cracks. So we concentrate on what makes your business flourish! Together we will bring structure to the core foundation of your business, simplify your systems, and streamline your processes which leads as a gateway to your freedom. 

Review and Next Steps Check-in

In the last quarter of our partnership, we will review and celebrate our progress. Then, we’ll create a clear vision for your next year and plan out the best next steps for you and your business.


you already have at least one assistant or a small team

you are a high-achieving woman in the coaching industry

you are ready to transform your business + your relationship with time, money, + aligned purpose

you’re excited to work with someone who will put your business first and keep you on track for success

imagine what life would be like

  • Imagine your systems are in order and you have a consistent process for closing out projects and moving on to the next.
  • You know exactly what to work on every day, and actually see yourself checking off the things moving you closer to your big goals.
  • You’re more efficient at work and have no problem unplugging at the end of the day so you can spend quality time with your family. You have systems in place to protect your time and priorities.
  • Stepping away from your business for a vacation without your laptop in tow. Now that your business is running like a well-oiled machine, you’re confident that things will continue moving along, even in your absence.


i truly do not know how i would have managed without sophia’s heartfelt support and advice.

“I was thrilled to bring Sophia on board as an Operations Manager and help me with the day-to-day aspects of running and operating a small business. Sophia has assisted me greatly for the last ten months in a role I like to call office manager. She treats my business as her personal and professional interest and has advised me on how to set up and operate my business, so it runs smoothly in all areas. 

Sophia is always punctual to our meetings, responds quickly to any text or email. What can I say, Sophia keeps me in line, and I am grateful for her services. I truly do not know how I would have managed starting my own business without her heartfelt support and advice.”
– Paige Ryan A.C.N HHP | Hill Country Intentional Healing | Concierge Package

The Concierge Package

As your Operations Manager, I work directly IN your business, putting in the time & passion that will create a business that aligns with your vision by executing your goals. This exclusive, high-level service is designed to help you get organized and become efficient so that all aspects of your life transform, including your relationship with time, money, and aligned purpose.

what’s included
  • Mission, Vision, and Core Values Workbook
  • 2 part Strategic Planning Intensive
  • Your Business Blueprint
  • Implementation
  • Tracking Performance
  • Intuitive Marketing
  • Web Maintenance and SEO Updates
  • Graphic Design
  • Centralized Storage Database
  • Ongoing Assessment and Strategy
  • Team Meetings
  • Execution and Efficiency
  • Review and Next Steps Check-in


Great! Here’s how it works:



Fill out the application below so I can help you transform your relationship with your business, time, money, and aligned purpose.


Discovery Session

If it makes sense for us to connect, you’ll be hearing from me to schedule your discovery session.



If we agree that my services are the best next step for you and your business at the end of the call, we’ll start the onboarding process.

Have more questions? Read the FAQs below or Inquire Here.


The time commitment from you is mostly upfront for completing the initial questionnaire, attending the kick-off call, and providing me with the information and access I need. From there we’ll have monthly calls.

You won’t need to manage or train me as my experience lets me jump right in and get to work managing the behind-the-scenes so you can focus on your client work. I’ll oversee the work your assistant completes so your business can continue to move forward while you’re doing the work that only you can do.

During our time together, we’ll communicate through your workspace in Asana, via scheduled weekly/monthly calls, and via text (for emergencies only). We’ll determine what works best for you so we can keep everything organized and so you have the support you need. My clients love having someone else in their business they can bounce ideas off of and talk through things with.

Then you absolutely need me!! Seriously, we’ll start wherever you are, with no judgment. Just action. I can see through the mess and will look at your business comprehensively to get things straightened out, simplified, and systemized; it may just take longer to work through it all. Working together in an ongoing capacity allows us to take it one step at a time to reduce your overwhelm and get you used to a new way of doing business.

My monthly partnership clients have an annual revenue of $400,000 or more. They have a team with at least one person in a support/administrative role who will be our point person for the systems we create and set up for your company so they know how to use them and train your team on them when our partnership is complete. If you’re just starting out and meet those criteria, then yes, it will be a great fit!

If you need minor updates to your WordPress website, this is included in our partnership.

If you need a complete overhaul of a current page, a completely new page design, monthly maintenance, or any SEO, these are not included in the Operations Partnership. I would be more than happy to discuss the options available to you, should these services be needed.

Absolutely! I would love to work with you, whether you’re organized or not. I always start with assessing what you have, what you like and don’t like about your current systems, and then move on to what it is you need.

Not at all! Systems and programs need to work for you, not me. I set up your systems in such a manner that you will be able to continue using them even if we part ways. Therefore, I would rather use a system you love and understand. If you are not happy with your current program, we can discuss it and find one that works for you.

I like to work with long-term partners. It takes time to fully optimize business operations and to see impactful changes. Because of this, I recommend working together for at least six months so we have time to improve your client-facing processes, build out your systems, improve your marketing, and set your business up for sustainable growth.

My support is customized each month to provide whatever help you need. Some months this may be more implementation, some months it may be more big picture strategy and consulting. Every month you’ll have support from me to make sure you are always tracking toward your big picture goals.

As your business grows, your needs may increase or decrease. We’ll assess your package each month to make sure it’s in alignment for both parties.

If you need help that is outside of the scope of your original proposal, we can amend the proposal to provide additional support. What I typically see happen is in the first few months there is more behind-the-scenes setup happening. Then once things are feeling solid, you’ll start to see an increase in clients and have more headspace to tackle big picture projects and so the support my team and I provide will focus more on managing those pieces.

Typically my clients who think they don’t need that much help are the ones who end up needing it the most.

It depends on the needs of each client. With that being said, I know my skills, both where I excel and where it would benefit you and the business to hire someone more suitable. I would be happy to find suitable team members to handle these aspects of the business and oversee them for you.